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Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences (JETEMS)

ISSN: 2141-7024


Article Title:
An Assessment of the Affordability of Public Housing by the Low/ Middle Level Formal Sector Employees in Nairobi
by Arch RRO Ochieng, Dr. CM Mbatha and Prof PM Syagga

The provision of adequate affordable housing is both recognized by local statutes in Kenya as well as international conventions and treaties. Despite the recognition of housing, the low / middle level income earners who comprise over 90% cannot access quality housing because of affordability challenges. The extent of affordability or affordability indices are based on rents / mortgage rates chargeable and household income levels. While the extent of affordability is key in planning for new housing schemes, there is no known record of affordability indices and the means of measuring them in regard to the low and middle income public sector employees in Kenya. This paper therefore examines the affordability of the existing public housing stock by the low / middle level employees in Nairobi with a view of planning for housing that is accessible by this income group. Primary data were collected through a cross section survey design involving administering structured questionnaires to 235 sampled households residing in 5 public housing schemes located in the city of Nairobi. Stratified and systemic random techniques were adopted to identify the subjects for the study. The data from the survey were numerical and were analyzed quantitatively through descriptive statistics. Secondary data was sourced from the review of related literature and were analyzed through content analysis. The study identified the expenditure ? to - income ratio approach as the most appropriate means of measuring affordability. The findings indicate that while the rent affordability indices are reasonable (112.5-180), the mortgage affordability indices are extremely low (37.5-60). The study recommended that the government should come up with measures that lower housing development cost to enhance housing affordability. The findings should in the long run provide data to housing policy makers for designing, implementing and allocating housing based on affordability levels of different income groups working in the formal sector.
Keywords: public housing, affordability, low / middle level, formal sector, employees
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Editor in Chief
. Alistair Anderson Ph.D
Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship
Aberdeen Business School,
Robert Gordon University,
United Kingdom.



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